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Life transitions

Meet Jackie


I’m so glad you’re here! I love working with college students and post college grads. My goal as a therapist is to help you enter this new chapter in your life.

  • Is your anxiety and stress holding you back?

  • Are you struggling with how to manage your stress in a healthy way?

  • Do you want to feel more confident in your body?

  • Are you having difficulty adjusting to a new schedule?

  • Not sure how to feel less anxious when meeting new people?

  • Do you constantly overthink about work, school, dating, and how you look?

  • Are you putting yourself down daily?

  • Are you second guessing yourself and feeling frozen in making decisions?

  • Do you want to feel more secure in yourself?

I am here to help you. I offer individual therapy to help you meet your goals. I will listen to you, challenge you, and support you so that you can feel more confident in yourself.


What I Specialize In:
Individual Therapy (Young Adults, Ages 15+)


Self- Esteem

Disordered Eating

Life Transitions

 I have been working with different therapists for about 6 years, but making the decision to work with Jackie was one of the best choices I’ve made for myself. She has helped me through so much and helped me learn more about myself and my mental health.
- Former client
I often resist sharing my feelings with others but when it comes to Jackie I was able to share my real feelings without hesitation. Talking with Jackie was always one of the highlights of my day and I truly could not ask for a better therapist. 
-Former client
Working with Jackie has been the best investment in myself. She allowed me to show up as myself, making me feel safe and heard, without every feeling judged. Her calming presence and positive attitude brought so much light to our sessions. I am so grateful for her!
- Former client

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